Making Your Workplace Cool – By the Efficient &Effective Way Using Turbo Air Ventilator

India is well known for its Climatic conditions. According to the sources, among the four seasons of India, the one that shows sweltering heat is the Summer Season. Summer Season in India begins in March and lasts till May month. During this season, most parts of the country faces excess heat from the Sun and experience hot winds. The temperature easily varies from 30°C to 45°C.In recent years, for this reason, natural air ventilation fashion has come up for providing ventilation in buildings. The absence of ventilation can create humidity & pollution in the atmosphere.

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Everyone wants his/her workplace or home to be pollution & humidity free. It results in the employees working efficiently and effectively to give the desired output for the company. Current trend in the Indian market is to search for cheapest & efficient air ventilators to make the workplace cooler. Turbo ventilator is one device which is simple in operation & used mainly for this purpose.

Normally turbine ventilators need to be installed on roof tops. The temperature in the workplace always stays below 30°C, after the proper installation and this will work much better than the expectations.

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A turbo air ventilator uses mechanical energy to blow out the airflow. The fan operates on the principle of centrifugal force formed by moving blades, creates energy as the result which develops a zone with lower pressure and brings you fresh air inside the room from the outside area zones.

This device gives a zero energy cooling plus lighting solution for most of companies & working place. It constitutes of material that are made up of Stainless Steel or Aluminium which needs no maintenance after installation. It works as a natural heat exhaust system; throwing the hot air outside from companies and bringing in fresh air inside the factory, creating a cooling atmosphere inside the building and also helps to prevent moisture building in the workplace.

How it works?

The Turbo vent is a device mounted on a base plate which is placed on the top of the roofing sheets. The bearing design of Turbo Vent roof enables it to move at the slightest of wind, without any friction and thus replaces hot air produced by machines inside with cooling air from outside.


  • These ventilators are natural, cheapest and effective way of exhausting air round the clock without power or operating cost.
  • It’s a low cost device, needs no maintenance cost & saves electricity cost as well.
  • Give assurance of air ventilation for 365 days of the calendar.
  • It is leak proof device and hence it does not allow water to come inside.
  • Installation of this device is very easy on existing roofing type.
  • They are mainly used to exhaust hot gases, waste gases, any leak proof dust and any other harmful air coming from the workshop / workplace, to create a better working atmosphere.

Air ventilators are not only used for Domestic purpose that is, just not for home but they can be used for many places and are manufactured in various designs, having various applications at different places, for example as follows;

  • Industrial sheds
  • Factories rooftop
  • For hotels
  • Ware houses
  • Paint shops
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurant

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  • Conclusion: The use of turboair ventilator can help you to avoid such hazardous toxic gases from your working premises and create a clean & clear workplace.
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