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Making Your Workplace Cool – By the Efficient &Effective Way Using Turbo Air Ventilator

India is well known for its Climatic conditions. According to the sources, among the four seasons of India, the one that shows sweltering heat is the Summer Season. Summer Season in India begins in March and lasts till May month. During this season, most parts of the country faces excess heat from the Sun and experience hot winds. The temperature easily varies from 30°C to 45°C.In recent years, for this reason, natural air ventilation fashion has come up for providing ventilation in buildings. The absence of ventilation can create humidity & pollution in the atmosphere.

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Everyone wants his/her workplace or home to be pollution & humidity free. It results in the employees working efficiently and effectively to give the desired output for the company. Current trend in the Indian market is to search for cheapest & efficient air ventilators to make the workplace cooler. Turbo ventilator is one device which is simple in operation & used mainly for this purpose.

Normally turbine ventilators need to be installed on roof tops. The temperature in the workplace always stays below 30°C, after the proper installation and this will work much better than the expectations.

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A turbo air ventilator uses mechanical energy to blow out the airflow. The fan operates on the principle of centrifugal force formed by moving blades, creates energy as the result which develops a zone with lower pressure and brings you fresh air inside the room from the outside area zones.

This device gives a zero energy cooling plus lighting solution for most of companies & working place. It constitutes of material that are made up of Stainless Steel or Aluminium which needs no maintenance after installation. It works as a natural heat exhaust system; throwing the hot air outside from companies and bringing in fresh air inside the factory, creating a cooling atmosphere inside the building and also helps to prevent moisture building in the workplace.

How it works?

The Turbo vent is a device mounted on a base plate which is placed on the top of the roofing sheets. The bearing design of Turbo Vent roof enables it to move at the slightest of wind, without any friction and thus replaces hot air produced by machines inside with cooling air from outside.


  • These ventilators are natural, cheapest and effective way of exhausting air round the clock without power or operating cost.
  • It’s a low cost device, needs no maintenance cost & saves electricity cost as well.
  • Give assurance of air ventilation for 365 days of the calendar.
  • It is leak proof device and hence it does not allow water to come inside.
  • Installation of this device is very easy on existing roofing type.
  • They are mainly used to exhaust hot gases, waste gases, any leak proof dust and any other harmful air coming from the workshop / workplace, to create a better working atmosphere.

Air ventilators are not only used for Domestic purpose that is, just not for home but they can be used for many places and are manufactured in various designs, having various applications at different places, for example as follows;

  • Industrial sheds
  • Factories rooftop
  • For hotels
  • Ware houses
  • Paint shops
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurant

There are many Air Ventilator Manufacturers & suppliers in India who have been actively working as per the customer’s request. But Perfect Roofing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the one in Pune who are manufacturers and suppliers of this type of Turbo Ventilators. This is one of the leading companies who manufacture, supply & do erection of metal buildings & turbo ventilation systems.

  • Conclusion: The use of turboair ventilator can help you to avoid such hazardous toxic gases from your working premises and create a clean & clear workplace.
  • To know more about Perfect Roofing Solutions Pvt. Ltd


How Purlin Roll Forming Machine Work?

In the field of construction Purlin roll is used because of its long-lasting nature and strength. With the increasing development there is an enormous demand for purlin.In the modernised world, what one can see and find is warehouses, buildings, railways, huge factories and other constructions made of steel.But obvious, one cannot apply raw steel directly to buildings without even processing it.

As the industries, companies are developing immensely in a very short period, many companies and industries usually use roll forming machine to change the steel roll in the shape and structure that they want.There are many different types of purlin roll forming machine which are specially discovered for different purposes.

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According to the components of steel, we can simply encapsulate three main types of purlin roll forming machine which are:

  1. C purlin forming machine,
  2. U purlin forming machine and
  3. Z purlin forming machine.

Other than these there’re still many other purlin forming machines.Generally, roll forming machine is consisted of:

Cutting system,

Forming system and

Electrical control system.

The common process includes feeding, uncoiled, feeding, levelling, roll forming, punching &cutting, output table.Mainly, the raw material which is required to uncoil in order to make sure the level of steel, is nevertheless if the surface of steel is not even. It may not only lower the quality of products, but it can also harm the whole forming machine.

The system of the purlin forming machine is handled and controlled by an electrical control system, which can monitor the status of roll forming machines and adjust the operation mode through changing the parameters according to the practical condition.In past years, many high-tech electrical controlling system have been invented, which are more easy and convenient for the workers to use.

Purlin roll forming machine plays an important role in the modern society and also in the field of construction/architecture.

This roll forming machine generates steel C and Z channels absolutely automatically including roll forming, cutting and punching holes, but this machine requires manual operation to switch from C to Z (this simple operation may take around 15 minutes), and to adjust different sizes (auto/electrical adjustment is optional and can be provided as per request).

Compared with different Z purlin roll forming machine or C purlin roll forming machine, this machine can make both C&Z steel channels with different sizes, it requires less operation space, and it costs lesser money.

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Advantages of C and Z purlins:

• Ability to span length
• Purlin erection is easier than others
• No side drilling/cutting required
• Assured dimensions and straightness
• High durability, versatility and uniform quality
• Low transportation cost due to decreased weight
• Fast to erect and easy handling
• Close tolerances on sectional sizes due to process of cold roll forming

“Roofing in winters”

Roofing company Many people have a thought in their mind that roofing in the cold can be worth or not. But what if it’s required urgently? No worries!! There are so many good options for roofing in the winters. Also before to start an initial question may asked by the individuals like, is this safe to install roofing in the winters? And the answer is, Yesss!!

Numerous citizens have the options to choose roofing in the spring and summer. But what if the roofing is essential to do for you in winter? Relax, you can also ask for roofing in any season. However there are no such an industry guidelines for the temperature and roof installation in any season and in Perfect Roofing we clarify that there is no such an impact on roof to do in winters.

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Every coin has two sides as the winters roofing also has the sides of benefits and risks to replacing the roof.

First, there are human beings to work on that roof. In the winter season moisture is render to make the slope slippery. So it’s a bit dangerous to work on it. Also the weather makes an impact on the comfort of the workers. Sometimes it’s being uncomfortable to work in the jackets and sweaters and many times it’s impossible in decreasing temperature.

Second, the roofers are required to use many different tools; some of them aren’t affected by the temperature but some of like the compressors and nail guns can be. This situation needs the more extra attention and the care to work sharply. The sun is very helpful in warming a newly installed shingles and supporting in a good seal, but in region prone to high winds, hand-tabbing, can sometimes be recommended. This measure assists with keeping the roof in place, when needed, until warmer weather allows the seal to set as it should.

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Third, an important question arise weather the shingles can be installed in the cold season or not. Some of the kinds in shingles are made up by the material that may lose their resistance and flexibility as the temperature goes down. It becomes much harder to bend and difficult to cut them straight, so it necessitates endowing most of the attention and concentration while working in the decreasing temperature.

Forth, one the most aviated risks are occurred due to the improper fittings. The weather is also a reason to encounters the inappropriate fitting because temperature affects on manpower, using tools and equipments. The defects in roofing and a silent failure will cause leaks, separation at seams, splits in the membrane and many more. The shingles fittings and stuffing into cement are must to be hand sealed, however in winters it’s quite difficult to perform.

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Nevertheless in Perfect Roofing we already prepared for the weather circumstances. We are well equipped and trained to complete the task with more preciously.  Our company will provide world class roofing solutions also in winters that meet elevated quality roofing. We are having well equipped with sophisticated infrastructure amenities with all the requisite machineries with the latest technologies to meet our client’s requirement within short period of time. We are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by continually improving our products and offering them at the cost effective prices.

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house in winter – heating system concept and cold snowy weather with model of a house

We present our customers the top priority and afford them with the fully functional and innovative roofing solutions. Starting from the concept then design and lastly manufacture, we support our customers for supplying quality roofing and erection in winters.

Choosing Perfect Roofing For Your Dream Home!

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The roof is not just part of a structure;
It’s an integral component that completes the texture.

There are several types of roof are available in the perfect Roofing and many more exclusive choices are given to choose from. If it’s time to change your old roof to new then your selection could be relying on the different choices. But it’s the point to repair your previous one, then the options of the choices are few or selection is only based on the correct ones. When you start for a new beginning then you can make the choices as per the structure and type of the business. For the home and residence, we endow the exclusive dwelling roof types for your convenience.

But before to stand on the specific preference, you need to know the answer of a question that “what is your roof made of?”

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So we are here for with the correct response to your question, because in our company we understand that our job is not only to help you to build, maintain and restore your roof, but also assist you to perceive the type of roof you can preserve for years to come. Perfect Roofing offers numerous types of roofing materials, some are widely used in commercial roofing than in residential and vice versa.

Among the roofing variety, we have elected 6 categories to briefly describe their characteristics.


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High quality Prepainted galvanized, Pre Painted Galvalue and Bare Galvalume Trapezoidal profile sheets using most modern Technology which has long term durability, special metallic coating, a spectrum  of colors and aesthetic beauty, to enhance the manifestation, life and value of the building. The profiled sheets are supplied in customized sizes with the Pre and Pre and Post sales services by the well qualified Designer and Engineers.


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Trapezoidal Metal Profile sheets with well built and reliable shear bond performance, which is enlarged by cross embossing located in the profile. The composite floor profile offers the absolute in the lightweight steel decking which diminish concrete usage to provide cost, effective and alternative floor resolution that easy to install.


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The sandwich panels are used for the three applications i.e. Roofing, Walling and Cold Room Walling. The panels use the aluminum or steel sheets for facing and will be rendering in thickness range of 30 tp 120 mm.  They are comes in a standard width of 1000 mm. and maximum length of 15 mtrs.


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PERFECT ROOFING manufactures & supply present the superior quality, corrosion resistance Tile Profile Steel sheets as per the customer’s requirement. Our tile effect roofing sheets are intended to save you time and money, covering 1m when fitted and providing a great, lightweight alternative to conventional slates.


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 The sheets are idyllic for roofing due to the excellent impact resistance with quick, easy and effortless installation.

    Transparent sheets bring pleasant daylight solutions for the less areas ofless brightness. Due to its high clarity and transparency, they pass the maximum sunlight and truly ideal for homes and offices or commercial buildings. The quality of light becomes pleasing to our eyes because the property of sheets makes diffuse and disperse the sunlight. They are low combustible; hence, these types of roofs are ideal for commercial buildings, offices, hotels and malls.

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    The sheets can sustain temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius therefore they are the best for outdoor use.


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Standing Seam roof systems have aesthetics of an architectural panel with strength of structural panels. The roofs are designed to withstand high wind uplift load values assuring greater assurance and reliability. This panel has been designed to withstand the mainly wind flow conditions.

These are the categorical glory of the most excellent roofs. No matter what type of roof you can choose from among, because in Perfect Roofing provide all the mentioned excellence and quality in our every product.

Our company will provide world class roofing solutions that surely meet high quality roofing. We are having well equipped with sophisticated infrastructure facilities with all the required machineries with the most recent technologies to gather our client’s requirement within short span of time. We are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by persistently improving our products and offering them at the cost effective prices.

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We present our customers top priority and provide them with the fully functional and innovative roofing solutions, starting from the concept, design and manufacture; we support our customers by supplying them utmost quality roofing and erection.